Disobedient Women (Exhibition Opening)

Disobedient Women: Defiance, Resistance and Creativity Opening Event Thursday, Victoria Arts Centre – 636 Fort St., Victoria Exhibition entitled Disobedient Women: Defiance, Resistance and Creativity. The exhibiton includes a selection of quilts, installations, performances and artworks by and about women from Vancouver Island and the lower mainland. It captures the energy and imagination, spirit and courage, of women who overtly and covertly challenge, subert and disobey patriarchal and colonial authority and power. Artist/ Activists include: Farheen HaQ, West Coast League Of Lady Wrestlers, The Positive Energy Quilts, Kim Villagante | Kimmortal, Margaret Briere, Raging Grannies, Ann-Bernice Thomas, Kimberly Croswell; Nancy the Blacksmith, Val Napoleon, Jan Coombe


Just a random sketch of a girl at Whole Foods cafe. Victoria, Canada.