Beijing, China by Alex Posh


From Ukraine, to the streets of China, busking and hitchhiking through the country with over 5000-year-history, here I’m, coming to UVic as a mature, graduate student of Leadership studies. Why now? Why UVic? Why leadership?

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Wuxi, China by Alex Posh

Leaving the past behind...There is nothing more painful and harrowing than letting go. It's a bitter-sweet moment when you relinquish and move on. It's the most hurting before it happens. But, after, you feel like an air balloon.

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Shanghai, China by Alex Posh

Suddenly I don't feel like I am I'm in China anymore. France? Spain? Austria? Hm... But definitely not China. Entering Shanghai was the most difficult experience in my life and most life-changing. I was on my way from Beijing to Shanghai on bullet-train when I felt an urge to leave the train at some point and discover one of the stations only to discover that trains in China don't wait for wandered passengers. I was in the middle of nowhere.

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